Before your first visit

Welcome: Getting started with our group is very straightforward. We sit every Tuesday night from 7pm-9pm.

What you need to know: As a courtesy, please let us know before you attend for the first time. A senior student or teacher will give you an introduction to the group and our practice. You're then welcome weekly, without any obligations/pressure to formally join the group.

  • Where do we sit? 706 Wynnum Rd, Morningside QLD 4170, Tuesday night from 7pm-9pm (except over Christmas/New Year).

  • When to arrive? Arrive around 6:50pm so you have time to find the place and get set up to start at 7pm. 

  • What to wear? Wear loose fitting clothing, subdued in colour, to reduce distraction to others. Please note that knees and shoulders should be covered.

  • How much? There are no fees to sit with the group. There are membership fees for being a member and attending retreats. The practice of Zen is not dependent on one’s ability to afford membership fees. If you have any difficulty with these payments please speak to one of the teachers.

  • What to bring? You don't need to bring anything. We have meditation cushions and mats. You might want to bring a water bottle.

Other Questions

Do I need to be a Buddhist? You do not need to be a Buddhist to participate (many in our group aren’t).

Am I welcome? Everyone is welcome, regardless of race, ethnic origin, nationality, disability, religion, gender expression, gender identity, sexual orientation and political party etc. As our Founding Teacher, Sei’un An Rōshi, once said, ‘The Dharma excludes no one.’ If you have any concerns, please speak to one of the teachers.

What do we do? On Tuesday night, we sit for 4 x 25 mins meditation interspersed with 5 mins of walking meditation. In addition, we do longer retreats throughout the year.

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