Our practice takes a number of forms. There are opportunities to practice all year round. All events involve zazen (sitting meditation), kinhin (walking meditation), dokusan (private interview with the teacher) and kōan study. See our calendar for list of upcoming events.

Weekly Practice

Regular meditation evenings with dokusan are held on Tuesday evenings from 7 to 9 pm, during which four 25 minute periods of meditation are alternated with five minutes of walking meditation.

Dokusan is the term used for student's one to one contact with an authorised Zen teacher and is an integral part of Zen practice. Having access to the guidance of a Zen teacher provides opportunity for serious Zen practice to develop. Interview with a teacher is offered to newcomers as required if there is time available after dokusan.

ZenkAI (monthly)

A zenkai is a day of meditation (dokusan or interview available) generally held every third Saturday of the month from 9 am to about 3.30 pm. The presiding teacher will present a teisho (Zen talk). Everyone is welcome to attend.

Intensive (Quarterly)

Intensives are weekend events which begin Saturday 8 am and conclude Sunday afternoon. They are held once or twice a year in place of zenkai. They are more formal than zenkais and silence is maintained throughout in order for a deeper level of concentration and mindfulness to develop. Attendance is by application to the teacher you are working with.

Sesshin (Annually)

Sesshin is an intensive six day residential program of Zen practice. Silence is maintained throughout. The event is conducted under the direction of all presiding teachers. Sesshin is not recommended for those with little or no experience of Zen. Experience with extended periods of meditation is suggested prior to attending.